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Classic Counter

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Classic Counter

promo counter classic

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Classic Counter

Promo Counters

Popular Promo Counter is ideal for in-store product sampling & demonstration.This fully functioning display is made of firm and durable plastic material, weighing only 18 lbs and is easy to carry around in specially designed Carry Case (included). In addition, the assembly is simple and quick. You also can choose from many accessories and features are available. This table is our definite winner when promoting your products or brand to gain new clients.

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Molded Base and Countertop

Core-Plast Body

Back Door Panel

Aluminum Support Pole and Carry Case

Size: (LxDxH) 42″x20″x36″

Weight: 18 lb.

White, Black, Mixed

Other colors available only through special order

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Parts & Accessories

Steel wire shelf
Cutting boards
Sink with spray wand
Support brackets
Ice bucket
Sliding back door

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